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Hummingbird Fighting All the Time?

Why Are Our Ruby-throated Hummingbirds Fighting All The Time?

Ruby Throated Hummingbird 08-26-2016 1
This time of year is the height of hummingbird season in North East Georgia. Our main visitor to these parts (that is east of the Mississippi River) is the ruby-throated hummingbird.

These jewels of summer spend most of their time in the tree branches guarding their food supply. I get asked all the time “why are they fighting when I have two, three, or even more feeders available?”

The probably answer is even though their territories have been compacted by the sheer number of hummingbirds there is enough natural food in the area to keep the birds spread out. In other words it’s easy to chase off one or two competitors but if you had fifty birds they would have to be more cordial and share the nectar.

These hummingbirds will be with us until the 2nd week of October. Keep your feeders out until November and you will catch some stragglers.

No Thinking Needed

I was checking the hummingbird feeders this morning and noticed that the smallest one was empty.

Needing just a little bit of nectar I whipped out my Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker (TM). I poured the sugar to the bottom line, added the water to the top line.  Put the lid on and then shook it for 30 seconds.

It dawned on me the reason I like this product so much is that there is no measuring needed, no boiling needed, and above all for 6:30am…


Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker

Hummingbirds are drinking a lot of nectar

It will not be too long before the Atlanta area Ruby-throated hummingbirds begin their migration.

Customers are reporting a large uptick  in the  number of hummingbirds at their feeders each day. The same rise in volume of birds happen each year at this same time. By August and through September this NE Georgia area experiences it’s greatest number of these beautiful birds.

The reason appears to be that A: We have our normal birds here + B: All of their baby hummingbirds are here + C: We have the northern migrating birds here as well.

They will be with us until it gets cold so keep refreshing the nectar and cleaning those hummingbird feeders.Ruby-throated hummingbird at window feeder