Make Hummingbird & Oriole Nectar in Under 30 Seconds!

The Easiest, Fastest, and Cleanest Way to Make Perfect Hummingbird Nectar AND  Oriole Nectar


Use our Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker ® to make perfect hummingbird and oriole nectar in under 30 seconds just using cold tap water.

Introducing Version #3 of the Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker® 

The Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker® is an idea born straight out of a simple need… How can you get the correct sugar to water ratio when one is a solid (sugar) and the other a liquid (water) when making hummingbird nectar and/or oriole nectar?

You may know that the correct ratio to make hummingbird nectar is 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Then again oriole nectar is a 1:6 ratio. Even though it seems simple enough, I’ve notice while selling nectar customers look a little confused when I explain the mixture.

I thought if I simply created a container that had one line for the hummingbird sugar and one for the water all the confusion would go away. Since the hummingbird nectar must be mixed and the sugar must be completely dissolved I had to think of the easiest and fastest way to do that. The solution: shake it up!

This simple “shake the water – don’t boil it”  idea enabled us to sell 1,000s of versions 1 & 2 of the Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker®

Version #3 is even a better product. We’ve added a bunch of new features to make this great product even better. So not only can you Make Hummingbird & Oriole Nectar in Under 30 Seconds, you now get these new features.


  1. SIDE A is marked off for mixing hummingbird nectar and SIDE B is marked off for mixing Oriole nectar. No mistakes, perfect nectar every time!
  2. Larger 34oz (1000ML) bottle. You asked for it and here it is, enough nectar to fill the largest hummingbird and oriole feeders!
  3. New lid design. Your leak-tight Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker® now has a quicker and much easier lid installation.
  4. We added a reminder tag! Since you will be making 34oz of hummingbird or oriole nectar at a time you may have some left over. Store the left over nectar contained within your Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker® in the refrigerator. We have added a new reminder tag to allow you to check off the date and the type of the remaining nectar being stored.

I made our Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker® leak proof and gave it an easy to pour top. The Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker® is fast, easy to use, and easy to clean. It even has an  internal ball in it to help break down the sugar as it is being shaken to make sure your hummingbird nectar solution is completely dissolved.

The answer to the question: "How to make hummingbird and oriole nectar?"