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Here’s why you need to purchase your own Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker®

  1. Super-Fast: Mixes Hummingbird nectar in under 30 Seconds
  2. No need to boil water, just use cold tap water.
  3. The Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker® makes it impossible to incorrectly mix the nectar.
  4. Impossible to incorrectly mix the nectar even without your eyeglasses!
  5. Well-designed no-leak bottle.
  6. Well-designed bottle very easy to hold and shake.
  7. Well-designed no-mess pour spout.
  8. Easily pour nectar into the smallest feeder.
  9. Spout lid seals tight for refrigeration.
  10. Container easily fits into all refrigerators.
  11. Purchase your own Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker® to have an inexpensive, simple & fast solution for mixing perfect hummingbird or oriole nectar!



  1. SIDE A is marked off for mixing hummingbird nectar and SIDE B is marked off for mixing oriole nectar. No mistakes, perfect nectar every time!
  2. Larger 34oz (1000ML) bottle. You asked for it and here it is, enough nectar to fill the largest hummingbird and oriole feeders!
  3. New lid design. Your leak-tight Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker® now has a quicker and much easier lid installation.
  4. We added a reminder tag! Since you will be making 34oz of hummingbird or oriole nectar at a time you may have some left over. Store the left-over nectar contained within your Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker® in the refrigerator. We have added a new reminder tag to allow you to check off the date and the type of the remaining nectar being stored.

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