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Just what is that stainless steel ball for?

We get a lot of questions on the need for the stainless steel ball that is included with your Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker (R).  Basically that ball is used to break up the sugar particles so they can mix with the cold water.

So here are the simple steps when using the Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker (R):

  1.  After you add the sugar to the sugar line and the cold water to the water line place the stainless steel ball into the shaker.
  2. Screw the top on the shaker and shake for 30 seconds.
  3. Fill your hummingbird feeders.
  4. Place any remaining nectar solution in the Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker into the refrigerator with the stainless steel ball still in the solution.
  5. When all nectar is finally consumed. Place the shaker, the lid (with the reminder tag attached), and the stainless steel ball into the dishwater.

Here’s a quick video we did on this exact subject:


Time-Saving Nectar Maker Solves Hummingbird Enthusiasts’ Dilemma

When it comes to feeding hummingbirds, backyard birders find themselves in a Catch-22. On the one hand, they love seeing their tiny friends drinking homemade nectar from their feeders. True enthusiasts would enjoy nothing more than having their feeders visited on a daily basis. On the other hand, hummingbirds have huge appetites, each one potentially eating its own weight in food every day. Were nectar making a simple process, satisfying the hummers’ appetites would be easy, but the fact is that the traditional method of preparing nectar is time-consuming. From measuring the components of the mixture, to pouring the mixture into a pot, to waiting for it to boil and then cool, to having to clean up the mess, this process can easily take an hour or more. Therein lies the predicament for hummingbird enthusiasts. They want hummers to enjoy their feeders, but keeping the feeders filled is drudgery, especially as the hummingbird population grows throughout the season.

Backyard birder, David Peterson, became aware of this dilemma in 2015. As the owner of a wild bird store, Mr. Peterson observed that his customers were making less nectar as the hummingbird season wore on. Obviously, the opposite should have been true. “My conclusion,” says Mr. Peterson, “was that people were getting tired of the time-consuming task of making the nectar.” Not only did Mr. Peterson learn that his patrons found the nectar making process time-consuming, he discovered that many of them were confused about the process itself. A quick search of online hummingbird enthusiast communities bears out Mr. Peterson’s observations. Discussion boards are filled with numerous questions regarding nectar ingredients, mixture ratios, shelf-life, and more. “There had to be a faster, less complicated way,” Mr. Peterson recalls thinking to himself. So, as an inventor and entrepreneur, he set out to improve the nectar making process. His efforts led to the creation of the Sugar Shaker Nectar MakerTM, a product designed to make life easier for hummingbird enthusiasts, add joy to their hobby, and help ensure the health and happiness of the hummers.

The Sugar Shaker Nectar MakerTM saves time in a number of ways. First, it eliminates the need for digging through kitchen drawers and cabinets in search of measuring cups, spoons, and pots. Lines for the recommended amounts of sugar and cold water needed to make healthy nectar are clearly marked on the Sugar Shaker Nectar MakerTM so that the ingredients can be perfectly measured and the nectar produced all in one container. Second, it does away with the unnecessary step of boiling the nectar. Using the Sugar Shaker Nectar MakerTM involves about 30 seconds of shaking the bottle to mix the contents. According to Mr. Peterson, “Most folks don’t know why they are boiling the water. While doing research on why to boil the water I noticed most authentic sites pointed out that boiling the water actually kills the mold in the sugar. However, once the hummingbird sticks its tongue into the nectar, it immediately deposits new germs into the solution. The evidence points to maybe an extra day of clear, fresh nectar by boiling but in the heat of the summer that still means you need to change it every 3 days.” Third, the Sugar Shaker Nectar MakerTM cuts down dramatically on cleanup time. There are no cooking utensils to wash and there is no spilled residue to be scrubbed off the countertops and/or floor. “That sticky mess,” adds Mr. Peterson, “is an open invitation to ants if it is not completely wiped up.”

In addition to its time-saving features, each Shaker Nectar MakerTM is safe to use, contains no BPAs, and is made of tough PP5 plastic that will last for years. It is also distinctively labeled so that everyone in the house can see what the bottle is for. Anyone who has ever used an unmarked plastic bottle for multiple purposes understands the importance of this. The last thing any hummer lover would ever want to do would be to mistakenly fill a feeder with contaminated nectar caused by using a bottle that had contained harmful solutions.

The thousands of hummingbird enthusiasts who are already using the Sugar Shaker Nectar MakerTM love how simple it is to use. They also love the fact that they now have more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy watching their beautiful, fast-flying friends joyfully getting their fill at their feeders.

The Sugar Shaker Nectar MakerTM can be ordered online at For more information, call David Peterson of The Best Nest of Georgia, Inc. at 770-418-1993 or email him at

No Thinking Needed

I was checking the hummingbird feeders this morning and noticed that the smallest one was empty.

Needing just a little bit of nectar I whipped out my Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker (TM). I poured the sugar to the bottom line, added the water to the top line.  Put the lid on and then shook it for 30 seconds.

It dawned on me the reason I like this product so much is that there is no measuring needed, no boiling needed, and above all for 6:30am…


Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker

The Easiest, Fastest Way to Make Hummingbird Nectar – Introducing the Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker

The Easiest, Fastest Way to Make Perfect Hummingbird Nectar – Introducing the Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker

Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker Logo

The Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker is an idea born straight out of a simple need… How can you get the correct sugar to water ratio when one is a solid (sugar) and the other a liquid (water) when making hummingbird nectar?

You may know that the correct ratio to make hummingbird nectar is 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Even though it seems simple enough, I’ve notice while selling customers nectar that they look a little confused when I explain the mixture.

I thought if I simply created a container that had one line for the hummingbird sugar and one for the water all the confusion would go away. Since the hummingbird nectar must be mixed and the sugar must be completely dissolved I had to think of the easiest and fastest way to do that. The solution: shake it up!

I made our Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker leak proof and gave it an easy to pour top. The Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker is fast, easy to use, and easy to clean. It even has an  internal grate in it to help break down the sugar as it is being shaken to make sure your hummingbird nectar solution is completely dissolved.

The best types of sugar to use are those found in your local wild bird stores or nature centers. They are finely ground sucrose, with no additives or dyes. Since the sugar is finely ground you can use cold water in the mix.

If you make too much nectar just close the lid on the Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker and place the container in the refrigerator.

The Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker is fast, easy, clean ,and reusable. Simply the easiest way to make your hummingbird nectar. Buy it online or find a local retailer today.