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If you have walked into your neighborhood wild bird store lately you have probably run across the tremendous number of different types of birdfeeders that are available.

Big ones, short one, fat ones, and skinny ones. Squirrel Proof, not squirrel proof… on and on

We’ll I finally found a site that gives the advantages of several different ones. You can find it here

tube type bird feeder

Time to Change the Nectar

And… Don’t forget to clean  those hummingbird feeders. I use a little bleach in the water. Then I put the lids back on the feeders and shake them to get the bleach into the port holes.

Rinse well and the feeders come out spotless. The hummingbirds will reward you for the fresh nectar in the CLEAN feeders!

The bleach to water ratio for cleaning is about 10%. Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker

Male or Female: Ruby-throated hummingbird chick

When the ruby-throated hummingbirds fledge it’s hard to tell if they are male or female.  Right after they fledge the juvenile male looks just like the female.

Here’s a shot of mistaken identity. I thought for sure I had a female until I blew the picture up. You can just see the start of the “ruby” feathers on the throat.

It’s a boy!


Male juvenile ruby-throated hummingbird

Ruby-throated on the Window Watch Hummingbird Feeder

Perry Enterprises make these awesome “Window Watch” hummingbird feeders. They come in 4 different colors (teal, green, purple, and red). Simple yet beautiful design. Easy to clean and fill and they stick tight to the window!

Now for the best part, here’s a ruby-throated hummingbird stopping by my Perry Enterprise’s “Window Watch.” For those that are interested in the feeder here is the model number: #2081

hummingbird on window feeder