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European Starlings

If you are like us at BirdReady.com then you probably feed your local bluebirds religiously. I know we do. In fact we don’t really mind if the wrens take their share, or the warblers stop for a few but the European starlings are another matter.

I agree they are God’s creatures and need substance. We get it but… they will consume the entire bowl of mealworms in a heartbeat. Just check out these two aggressively chowing down!

European Starlings

There is a fix for this… they’re called sanctuary feeders or another type is a caged mealworm feeder. Basically they both work the same way, if the mealworm loving bird is bluebird sized or smaller they get right in. If they are robin or starling sized well they don’t get right in.

If this is a problem of yours go to your local wild bird store and ask for a bluebird sanctuary feeder or a mealworm caged feeder. This is a simple fix that will probably save your mealworm budget and keep the bluebirds, wrens, and warblers very happy.