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Bird Poop on you Squirrel Baffle?

Wrap around squirrel baffle with poop on it

Love the birds. I have several different types of feeders in my backyard. All of them are on different poles and each pole has a squirrel baffle on it.

The baffle works great but…

The birds poop on it continuously. No big deal when it is new, the metal squirrel baffles just wash right off, but when they get a little older it is very hard to get the poop off the metal.

There is a new product created by The Best Nest of Georgia, Inc. It is called the Baffle Buddy (TM). The Baffle Buddy (TM) is made out of 4 mil black plastic and it wraps around your current baffle. It’s held on by 2 strong magnets and it installs in seconds.

Once the birds poo on the Baffle Buddy (TM) just rinse it off while it’s on the baffle. Once one side of the Baffle Buddy (TM) gets stained you just flip it over to the clean side.

A package of 5 only cost $12.99 and you can get them at Amazon.com

Baffle Buddy