How to Make Hummingbird Nectar 2

How to Make  Hummingbird Nectar?

The simple answer to the question of how to make hummingbird nectar is:

Add 1 part regular white sugar to 4 parts water. Place in a pan and bring the hummingbird nectar to a boil.  Let the nectar cool to room temperature before placing it in the oriole feeder,

We own a small wild bird  retail store and the question gets asked over and over again. “How to make hummingbird and hummingbird nectar?” It gets asked so often that we decided to do something about it. We solved the problem by creating the Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker.

If you want to do it the old fashion way and have 1.5 hours to kill then… Hummingbird nectar is a 1:4 ratio and Oriole nectar is a 1:6 ratio of sugar to water. You are going to have to bring the mixture to a boil for about 10 minutes, and then let the nectar set for at least an hour just to cool down.

 OR…. Purchase a Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker and make your hummingbird nectar in under one minute!

Our Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker is the absolute QUICKEST, CLEANEST, & EASIEST way to make perfect hummingbird nectar every time.

Here’s a 30 second quick video on exactly why you NEED a Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker.

Fast /Easy/No-Mess/Leak-Proof/Perfect Nectar Every Time

Perfect hummingbird nectar every time in under 1 minute! It’s impossible to mess up the mix!


You won’t have to remember, call a wild bird store, google results, or ask a friend on Facebook about “how to make  hummingbird nectar” ever again.

Simply choose a side, either the hummingbird side or the hummingbird side which is imprinted on the cup. Then put regular white sugar to “sugar line” and then add cold tap water to “cold tap water line” and shake for 30 seconds. The nectar will be ready before you get out the back door.

NOTE: When using either the Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker or making nectar the old fashion way by boiling the mixture remember use regular white sugar. NEVER USE: Sugar in the Raw, Brown Sugar, Honey, or even Powered Sugar. ONLY USE: Plain white sugar for your hummingbird or hummingbird nectar mix.


Besides being able to mix the hummingbird nectar in under 1 minute using the original Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker you DON’T have to boil the water!

Now that should save you 10 minutes on the getting the water to boil and another 60 minutes getting the nectar to cool down to room temperature so you can use it.


The original Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker is LEAK-TIGHT! That’s right NO-MESSno stickiness on your counters, no hummingbird nectar spilling on your kitchen floor, no whoops!

On top of being leak-tight the original Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker has a well designed pour spout so it is easy to pour your nectar into even the smallest hummingbird feeder.

For any extra unused nectar place the  Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker right into the refrigerator. We’ve even added a reminder tag for you to remember when and which mixture you have actually made.

How to make hummingbird and oriole nectar using our Reminder TagFAST & SIMPLE: Add Sugar, Cold Water, Shake for 30 Seconds & Pour


The answer for the question of how to make hummingbird nectar is to purchase a Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker. They make a perfect inexpensive gift for the backyard birders in your family.

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The answer to the question: "How to make hummingbird and oriole nectar?"