Baffle Buddy

Keeping Your Squirrel Baffle Clean Just Got Easier!

Birds just got to go, and they tend to go poop right on top of your squirrel baffle. This nasty mess eventually turns so hard and gets so dry that you can’t get it off!

Go From This…

Bird Poop On Baffle

To This – In Seconds!

Baffle Buddy installs in under a minute!

Your baffle ends up with giant white spots all over it, and there is nothing you can do… or is there?

Here’s the solution, The Best Nest of Georgia, Inc, who are the makers of the original Sugar Shaker Nectar Maker (TM), have created the…

Baffle Buddy (TM)

Baffle Buddy

The Baffle Buddy (TM) is a wrap around 4 mil black plastic sheet that fits perfect onto 16″ to 18″ baffles. This product installs in seconds and is held tight to the baffle with ceramic non-rusting magnets.

When your Baffle Buddy (TM) gets dirty just rinse. If it gets stained just rinse and  flip it over for reuse!

Rinse / Reuse / Recycle your Baffle Buddy (TM).  

Order online at Your Baffle Buddy (TM) will ship within 1 business day. Shipping is Free within the continental US.

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